Accepting applications for a full-time, co-teaching position. *Closed

Our team is looking for a motivated, reliable and compassionate individual to grow with us for a minimum of one year. As a small Preschool in Boise’s North End, our program is based on multiple educational philosophies and unique with a mixed-age interactive classroom. Our student numbers are well within Boise City’s ratio requirements ensuring a dedicated and attentive environment. 

Building our dream-team.

Candidates will need to be team players as they will be working with one other educator in close quarters. It is of the utmost importance candidates are friendly and keep a positive, constructive attitude. Candidates with the drive to earn and establish a long-term position will be highly valued. Observed educational investments and classroom experience is a must; candidates with ample experience and education will be considered for a higher hourly pay and benefits once implemented. 

A community where we all thrive.

This position is curated for confident individuals seeking opportunities for creative classroom contribution. Candidates are expected to develop and advance the school’s curriculum and general operations. A childcare license issued through the City of Boise is mandatory along with: clean background and fingerprint check and a current CPR & First Aid certification. Note, this can be done upon hire as Neighborhood Sprouts will pay for half of all necessary certifications. Job duties include (but are not limited to) supervision and instruction of young children, compassionate classroom management, lesson planning and preparation, diaper changing and toilet training, cleaning and sanitizing. 

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